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         The year is 2330, and man is faced with destruction again. The Third World War left the planet in ruin, people died by the billions and the few that were left wished they had died also. But somehow, mankind pulled together and started small settlements on the pieces of land that were left after global warming. But the computers that started the War have awoken, and plan to take back the world they lost. One will help them, one can defeat them. Will you be the one to answer that call? Will you be able to uncover this Dark Matter?

The inspirations for this game are Neuromancer, which is a great book written by William Gibson, Wasteland, a classic computer game written in the mid-80's, and other bits of sci-fi that I have run across over thirty years.

This game is now in full release, but still incomplete. There are a few spots that need to be flushed out, and I will come out with incremental releases from time to time. I appreciate all the feedback that I have gotten so far, it has all been positive and it's encouraging when writing a game like this. Thanks again for the support.

Please feel free to E-Mail me at darkstar@infodarkness.com with your comments about the game.

                                                              - Dark Star.