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Dark Matter * - version 1.0. Written in RPGMaker95. Full release version with music, and sound effects.
RPGMaker95 - game engine used to create Dark Matter. Engine translated into English by Don Miguel.
RPG95 XP - updated version of 1.23 created by Stifu to run under everything from Win95 to Vista. Need to install RPGMaker95 first.
New Game Template - New Game Template for use with RPG95 XP, created by Stifu.
RPG95 Game.exe - version 1.23 to help fix errors in original game.exe created by Stifu. Need to install RPGMaker95 first. Works with Win2K.
If you get stuck in some part of the game, feel free to E-Mail me. I will write you back with the hint you need to get past that point.
* The 1.0 series is a full releases of Dark Matter, but not complete.
I will be coming out with incremental releases that will fill in different
parts of the game.